Chuffed.solve(mzn_file, *dzn_files, data=None, include=None, timeout=None, all_solutions=False, output_mode='item', seed=0, **kwargs)

Solve a MiniZinc/FlatZinc problem with Chuffed.

  • mzn_file (str) – The path to the mzn file to solve.
  • dzn_files – A list of paths to dzn files.
  • data (str) – A dzn string containing additional inline data to pass to the solver.
  • include (str or [str]) – A path or a list of paths to included files.
  • timeout (int) – The timeout for the solver. If None, no timeout given.
  • all_solutions (bool) – Whether to return all solutions.
  • output_mode ('dzn', 'json', 'item', 'dict') – The output mode required.
  • seed (int) – Random seed.

The output of the solver.

Return type: